Box art - Happy Wars

Happy Wars Xbox One Cheats

Game Tips

  • Warriors can do 4 attacks. A rapid stab attack (press x 5 times in rapid succession), a shield smash (rt twice in rapid succession), a dash attack (forward and x at the same time), and a spin attack (rt and x at the same time while enchanted).
  • Mages (While enchanted) can do a super projectile by pressing rt and a at the same time.
  • Clerics can also do the warriors shield bash by pressing rt twice in rapid succession.
  • To level up fast try healing other players who are wounded , or assist them when they are in a fight they can't handle. Or try assist them by warding off others when your teammate is constructing.
  • For more coins complete a story campaign level. Then after you do if you go back to the same level and there will be star coins.


Main Game

ll Rounder (10) - If you use all the classes at least two times each in a single Quick Match or Co-op mode to become an All Rounder.

Battle Master (10) - To master all the battle skills and get the title "Battle Master", you must use every skill in a Quick Match or in Co-op mode.

BOT Hunter (30) - You just need to get a single victory in Training mode

First Victory (10) - Simply get a victory in any game mode. Easy!

Gang Up (10) - Launch a Team Skill and get a kill in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

Happy War-Lord (60) - You'll need to start and play 100 non-tutorial Happy Wars games in any mode.

Hello World (10) - Communication is the key. You'll need to talk or order commands at least four times in a Quick Match or Co-op mode game.

It worked! (30) - Complete every Story Mission to get it workin'.

MOD 0 (10) - Level-up any item.

MVP (20) - Unlock the "MVP" quest in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

Nobody Calls Me Noob (20) - Complete all of the tutorials

Rich Man (10) - Get 30 items

Spin Spin Spinner (10) - Play the Happy Spinner

Standing On My Own (20) - Reach rank 20

Team Player (20) - Win 3 matches in a row in Co-op mode

The Best Items (20) - Get a level 10 item

The Blacksmith (10) - Modify an item and add a buff to it

The Legend Begins (10) - Receive mention in Hero Pop-up in a Quick Match or Co- op mode

Treasure Hunter (20) - Get a premium item

You Rock! (60) - Complete more than 40 quests

DLC Achievements

Archangel - Complete the 'Archangel' Quest - 15

Commander of the Light Knights - Reach rank 50 - 15

Happy Quest Hunter - Complete at least 60 Quests - 15

Knight of the Order of Light - Reach rank 40 - 10

The Beginning of a Quest - Complete at least 20 Quests - 5

The Devil - Complete the 'The Devil' Quest - 15

The Godlike Swordsman - Complete the 'The Godlike Swordsman' Quest - 15

The Ultimate Craftsman - Raise the level of an item to Level 15 - 10