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How many maps does Monster Hunter Rise have?

Monster Hunter Rise essentially shrinks MH World down to fit on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. What exactly does that mean for the number of in-game maps, though? Are there fewer unique locales due to the game being on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld? Here’s the need-to-know on how many maps Monster Hunter Rise has.

Monster Hunter Rise Maps: How many different hunting grounds?

Monster Hunter Rise maps

Despite shrinking the popular series back down for a handheld device, MH Rise “feels like a step forward” for the franchise. That’s impressive, what with this entry following the ambitious Monster Hunter World. That said, naturally, the Nintendo Switch game isn’t without some concessions. Since the series’ trademark combat is present and correct, has the game world size been reduced?

Monster Hunter Rise has five maps. These unique MH Rise hunting grounds are as follows: Lava Caverns, Shady Plains, Frost Islands, Flooded Forest, and Shrine Ruins.

Here’s some added context on each of the five Monster Hunter Rise maps:

  •  Lava Caverns
    • A large cave system containing a searing hot area with flowing lava, and a cool area with pure water.
    • It’d be quite serene if not for all the huge monsters.
  • Shady Plains
    • A wasteland that’s full of aggressive monsters.
    • The hot sun beats down at day, while cool moonlight fills the night air.
  • Frost Islands
    • Once the nest of a gigantic dragon.
    • A barren land of death due to all the heroes that lost their lives attempting to slay the beast.
    • Dragon carcasses lie at the island’s center as a reminder of the land’s struggles.
  • Flooded Forest
    • A region filled with dense greenery.
    • The majority of the forest has become submerged under flowing water.
    • Players can scale the ruins of ancient structures.
  • Shrine Ruins
    • Once a place where people went to pray.
    • The shrine has fallen into decay and monsters have moved in.
    • Despite that, it still retains its holy nature and mysterious aura.

There are two fewer areas in Monster Hunter Rise than in MH World. Despite the downgrade, there’s still a good amount of ground to cover in the series’ latest entry.

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