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Monster Hunter Rise Split-Screen: Is there local co-op multiplayer?

Monster Hunter is a series that almost begs users to play alongside their friends. That’s no different in Monster Hunter Rise; teaming up with additional players makes hunting monsters simultaneously more manageable and exciting. But, does MH Rise have local couch co-op multiplayer? Here’s the lowdown on a Monster Hunter Rise split-screen mode for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Monster Hunter Rise Split-Screen: Is there couch co-op on Nintendo Switch?

Monster Hunter Rise split-screen

The Monster Hunter franchise is arguably at its best when played cooperatively. The series typically allows users to play online with friends, though it also lends itself well to local couch co-op sessions. Many hunts require careful planning and close cooperation, which is easier to achieve playing locally with close friends and family members. So, is it possible to do just that in the MH series’ latest entry for Nintendo Switch?

MH Rise features online cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. Unfortunately, there is no Monster Hunter Rise split-screen co-op support. Users can not play the new Monster Hunter game in local couch co-op on Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

Although the news might be disappointing, it isn’t all that surprising. Local split-screen play isn’t a feature that the franchise usually supports, and implementing it on Nintendo Switch could have been troublesome. Running a game in split-screen mode is very demanding. Most likely, the Nintendo Switch would struggle to maintain a consistent technical performance if Monster Hunter Rise was to support the feature.

Monster Hunter is heavy on menus and HUD elements, too. Shrinking these down to half size would make the game much less legible, in handheld mode especially. Docking could perhaps remedy the issue, but where would that leave Nintendo Switch Lite owners?

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The MH Rise demo featured a glitch that caused lag depending on users’ number of friends. Fortunately, that shouldn’t be an issue in the final version.

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