Monster Hunter Rise demo lag is because you have a lot of friends

Monster Hunter Rise demo lag has been affecting players’ enjoyment of the game, with a weird stuttering issue dramatically impacting its performance. The problem sees the MHR demo lagging until it’s virtually unplayable, with Monster Hunter fans looking for a fix as a result.

Why does the Monster Hunter Rise demo lag?

The Monster Hunter Rise demo lag is reportedly the result of players who have too many friends on their Nintendo Switch friends list. According to users, they have experienced lag if their Nintendo Switch account has over 50 friends.

Capcom has yet to release an official statement on the fault, so it’s unclear why the number of friends in a users’ friend list would cause such an issue. It’s also unknown if the company plans to release an update that will fix this issue. However, there are workarounds for this lag if players continue to experience it.

How to fix Monster Hunter Rise lag

To fix the demo lag, players should switch their Nintendo Switch user accounts to one with fewer friends. Players are reporting that the lag doesn’t carry over to a secondary account even on the same Switch, meaning that alternating accounts should resolve this problem.

However, this solution can be costly if you don’t have a second account with a Nintendo Online subscription. Given that Monster Hunter Rise is a multiplayer-focused game, you’ll need Nintendo Online to play with friends. As such, many will want to play the demo using their primary account. To do this, the only solution will be to wait for a patch or to delete some members of your friends list.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo allows players to take on 30 hunts either in single-player or online co-op. The limited-time download will be available until February 1, with the full game launching exclusively on Switch on March 26, 2021.