How to fix Netflix error code NW-6-503

Netflix is among the most popular streaming services in the world, but that’s not to say it always works perfectly. Unfortunately, some users have attempted to load videos only to get hit by error code NW-6-503. This is an error code that was previously quite rare, but it’s recently been appearing more frequently. Here’s what this Netflix error code means and what you can do to fix NW-6-503.

What is Netflix error code NW-6-503?

Netflix error code NW-6-503 - how to fix

According to Netflix support, error codes related to NW-6-500 appear when your streaming device’s cached information needs to be refreshed. As such, the official way to fix error code NW-6-503 is to restart your device, then reload the Netflix app.

However, we’d advise taking the official advice with a grain of salt for a couple of different reasons. The first is that code NW-6-503 is not formally defined on the Netflix Help Desk website. The closest you’ll get is the page for NW-6-500, which appears to be a general category of app loading errors. Further, all of the NW-6-X error codes relate to network connection problems, not the app cache.

The second reason relates to when this error code actually shows up. In many if not most instances, this code will appear when Netflix servers are down or having connection issues. According to user reports at DownDetector, instances of error code NW-6-503 spike during times of unplanned service interruptions. Coincidentally, many reports will also mention code UI-800-3, an issue related to cached information that also appears when the software can’t connect to servers.

How to fix error code NW-6-503

Put simply, NW-6-503 is a rare error code that appears when Netflix servers go down or otherwise become unstable. Your device is trying to refresh the information stored in its cache, but it won’t be able to if it can’t connect to Netflix servers.

Fortunately, this is good news. Chances are that there’s nothing wrong with your smart TV or streaming device. The only real solution is to wait for servers to return to normal operation. Still, if you’re unsure of what may have caused it, here’s what you should do to fix error code NW-6-503:

  1. Check the official Netflix Status page. If services are down, that’s why you’re encountering code NW-6-503
  2. Restart your streaming device. Go for a full power cycle instead of a simple restart to ensure the device’s cache is cleared
  3. Reload the Netflix app. The client should refresh its stored information each time it’s loaded
  4. Barring anything else, power cycle your modem, router, or gateway

In some cases, you can fix Netflix error code NW-6-503 by simply reloading the app. However, that won’t help if Netflix servers are down, which seems to be the most common cause behind this issue. If the problem persists after service is restored, you may consider getting into direct contact with Netflix support.