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Outriders: How to fix Internet Connection Error – Could not connect to servers

The Outriders Internet Connection Error, which informs players that they could not connect to Outriders servers, is preventing them from playing the game on launch day. This connection error appears when players try to connect online, preventing them from accessing the game’s servers. Here’s how to fix it.

How to fix Outriders Internet Connection Error

how to fix outriders internet connection error

The Outriders Internet Connection Error is most commonly seen when booting back up to the game via the PS5 or Xbox Series X rest mode, or when alt-tabbing out of the game on PC. In order to fix it, users must sign back into the game.

The error can also appear when users are playing the game, with it annoyingly booting them out of an online session with the error. Given that it’s Outriders’ launch week, its servers are being overloaded with new players, which is seemingly causing this issue. As a result, users should eventually be able to sign back in when seeing this error.

It can also be an issue with your internet connectivity. To ensure that you have a stable internet connection, power off your modem, wait for 30 seconds, then turn it back on again. This should rectify most unstable internet connectivity issues, and if the problem persists you will need to contact your provider.

Outriders requires players to always be online in order to play it, so an internet connection error is rather detrimental to that process. Fortunately, these problems are currently server-side, so players don’t need to worry about it being a problem on their end. Hopefully, as developer People Can Fly iron out the game’s teething issues, this problem will be swiftly resolved.

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