Call of Duty: Warzone has a powerful new killstreak

Following the recent update, Call of Duty: Warzone now has a powerful new killstreak. Named the “Bombardment,” this high-powered missile barrage lays waste to areas affected by the ongoing zombie outbreak. This containment protocol item can be activated at one of the Containment Monitor Stations using a Protocol Key.

What does the Bombardment containment protocol do in Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone Bombardment

The Warzone Bombardment containment protocol drops bombs on zombie-infested areas. This will be lethal for players caught inside the blast zone.

To unlock the Bombardment killstreak, players must do the following:

  1. Complete the zombies event in Warzone.
    • Head to the current infected named location and trigger the zombies to spawn.
  2. Acquire the Yellow Keycard.
    • Once all zombies are killed, receive the Yellow Keycard that the final zombie drops.
  3. Open the Yellow Box.
    • Head to the Yellow Box and use the newly-acquired keycard to open the box.
  4. Get the Protocol Key.
    • The Protocol Key can be found in the Yellow Box, but it isn’t guaranteed.
  5. Trigger the Bombardment.
    • Use the Containment Monitor to trigger the Bombardment using the Protocol Key.

The addition of Bombardment should make zombies areas more worthwhile. Expect to see a lot more players heading into the zombies locations to try and use this new killstreak.

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