GTA 5: Test NAT type glitch not working (2021)

Players are logging into Grand Theft Auto Online to find that the GTA 5 test NAT exploit isn’t working anymore. This bug allowed users to enter single-player lobbies and avoid constant grief from randoms in free roam. Since it improved player quality of life, naturally, users are wondering what’s going on. Here’s the latest on the GTA V test NAT type glitch not working for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One in 2021.

Why is the GTA test NAT type trick not working? (2021)

GTA 5 NAT type glitch not working 2021

Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games released an update that disables the NAT type glitch on all platforms. As a result, the test NAT type GTA exploit is not working. The GTA 5 community is sharing its frustration and currently investigating new methods to set up solo GTA Online lobbies in 2021.

Since the developer is responsible for removing the Grand Theft Auto V test NAT type glitch, it’s unlikely that Rockstar will intentionally reintroduce a method. Instead, the player base must hope that users can find a new exploit that allows for the hosting of single-player public lobbies in GTA Online.

Although the test NAT type bug was seemingly harmless, it may have resulted in undue stress to the GTA Online servers. Rockstar likely never intended to host lots of public lobbies with solitary players, but rather fewer lobbies with more concurrent users. In that case, the update would make sense, though not providing another way to avoid griefers is a problem.

Stay tuned for more on the GTA V test NAT type glitch not working. If Rockstar Games backtracks or the community comes up with an alternative, GameRevolution will provide updates.

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