New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo coming soon according to leak

Source: MP1st

A second Resident Evil Village demo is allegedly on the way, according to a purported leak. The descriptively named Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo will give players a more in-depth look at the game’s various systems and appears to include combat.

While Capcom has confirmed that a second demo is on the way, according to MP1st, this leak comes via PSN. Apparently, the new demo has already been uploaded. Given that there’s a new RE Village stream coming on April 15, it’s not a stretch to think we’d get the demo soon after.

What’ll be in the Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo?


Source: MP1st

If the Resident Evil Village follows a similar pattern to what we saw with Resident Evil 7, the upcoming demo will be more extensive than the first.

The Maiden demo gave players a chance to experience what the visuals of RE Village will be like, similar to what the Kitchen demo provided for RE7. If RE Village’s second demo is anything like RE7: Beginning Hour, we’ll get a chance to do a bit of exploration and possibly get some insight into Lady Dimitrescu’s character.


Source: MP1st

We also know from the leaked remote play control sheet that there’ll be combat in the upcoming demo. If this is the case, it may contain content we saw in the recent IGN First gameplay reveal. That would mean we’ll get a chance to fight regular enemies and use the knife, pistol, and shotgun, as well as have access to the inventory and possibly crafting. In any case, the demo is said to weigh in at 10GB, which points toward a hefty amount of content.

There’s no word so far as to whether the gameplay demo will be a PlayStation exclusive or if it’ll come to PC and Xbox as well. Regardless, everyone will have a chance to play Resident Evil Village when it releases on May 7.