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Resident Evil: Village Maiden Demo Main Character | Who do you play as?

The Resident Evil: Village Maiden demo is a mysterious look at just one of the many areas that’ll be in the game. Unlike with many games, the Maiden demo isn’t a slice of gameplay from the final product; it’s a standalone experience. As such, fans are wondering just who it is we play as in the Resident Evil: Village Maiden demo.

Who is the main character in the Resident Evil: Village Maiden demo

Who do we play as in the Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo 1

There’s no way to be sure who we play as in the Resident Evil: Village Maiden demo. Not only do we not know the main character’s name, but we also don’t even know their gender, age, or how they look. Almost everything about how this person ended up in the dungeon of Castle Dimitrescu is a mystery.

However, if Capcom is repeating what it did with the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo, then the Maiden demo’s protagonist will likely have an effect on the final game. Those who played RE7 will recall Clancy’s tale told in Beginning Hour. His story didn’t get a conclusion until the game was released, and it’s likely the character from the Maiden demo will follow the same path.

We do know a few things about who we play as in the Resident Evil: Village Maiden demo:

  • They’re likely female.
    • All the characters referred to in the demo were women.
  • They probably worked for Lady Dimitrescu as a maid.
    • A note found during the demo mentions multiple staff, at least one of which was thrown in the dungeon.
  • They’re likely from the local village.
    • The necklace that can be found in the demo is described as belonging to the player character. We can see similar necklaces on village inhabitants in the trailers.

Adding together the clues we got in the demo, we likely play as a local girl recruited by Lady Dimitrescu to work in her castle. This would also tie into the fact this is the “Maiden” demo.