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How to fix Pokemon Go Rocket Balloon not appearing

Pokemon Go Rocket Balloons not appearing can be frustrating for players who need to battle Team Rocket in order to complete Challenges and capture Shadow Pokemon. If Rocket Balloons, Grunts, and Leaders have disappeared from the game, worry not, for it’s easily fixed. Here’s the need-to-know about Team Rocket Balloons disappearing.

Pokemon Go Rocket Balloon not appearing error fix

Pokemon Go Rocket Balloon not appearing

To fix the Pokemon Go Rocket Balloon not appearing, players must wait for the developer to add them back into the game.

Players wondering where Team Rocket has gone will be relieved to hear that it’s an intentional move by developer Niantic Labs. The official Niantic Support Twitter account confirmed that Team GO Rocket encounters had been made “temporarily unavailable.”

As the devs “investigate errors associated with Team Go Rocket encounters, they will be temporarily unavailable.”

@NianticHelp will provide more information as and when more information becomes available. Until then, players will not see Team GO Rocket in the game. This means no Rocket Balloons, no Grunts, and no Leaders.

For now, enjoy the Team GO Rocket-free world. It’s a more peaceful place where PokeStops remain uncorrupted and bad guys aren’t constantly floating above players’ heads. It’s just like the good old days!

Here’s hoping Team GO Rocket is added back into the game as soon as possible, as there are various Challenges linked to defeating its members. These objectives can’t currently be completed, no doubt leaving some players a little bit stuck.

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