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Rocket League private matches not working fix

The Rocket League private matches not working bug is hitting all sorts of people who want to play games amongst their friends. This nasty glitch is putting players in different servers and not their private ones. Here’s how to fix it or what players can do to test the issue.

How to fix private matches in Rocket League

Rocket League private matches not working fix

To fix private matches in Rocket League, players can try to delete the game and try to set up another one. This may not work for everyone, but some users on Reddit have reported that creating a private match with the same name (or the same name with one or so additional number or letter) works.

But if that does not work and the issue with private matches still persists, it sounds like it is up to Psyonix to put out a fix that would help everyone. The developer has responded in multiple Reddit threads saying it is looking into the issue. Given the situation and uncertainty surrounding it, it would be best to wait for a more official fix. In the meantime, it would be best to play other modes until whatever the problem is gets fixed. It appears as though this is on Psyonix’s side so there is not much individuals can do.

People are getting dropped into other games that are decidedly not private and it seems to be affecting all sorts of players. It is an odd issue, but, again, probably one that has to do with the servers and not the players.

Rocket League has had more than its fair share of bugs and technical issues this season, which started at the beginning of the month. Item trading was disabled as is was glitching out. Others were getting the “Call Limit error,” which is another server-side error.