Invisible, Inc. Agent Guide

Agent Guide

*Unlock new characters by playing more and completing the game on different difficulty levels.


"Banks earned her hacker nickname siphoning funds from heavily guarded financial accounts. She funneled the proceeds into the rebuilding of her hometown, becoming a local folk hero in the process. After a botched cranial implant, she joined Invisible to get access to the most advanced neuro-rehabilitative care outside of Corporate law."
  • Abilities: Unlock red doors without a security passcard
  • Class: Stealth
  • Upgrades: Crypto Computer, Neural Disruptor, Custom Paralyzer


"Olivia Gladstone was the highest-ranking officer in the Pan-Euro Infosec Agency before it collapsed at the end of the Resource Wars. Forced into hiding, she re-emerged as the founder and leader of Invisible Inc. She currently holds the record for highest total corporate bounty ever offered for a single target."

  • Abilities: DAEMON installs provide 5 PWR
  • Class: N/A
  • Upgrades: Antiviral Proxy, Neural Disruptor


"Decker reflects a persona from a bygone era as an act of protest against a world gone mad for technology. Quick on his feet and with his fists, rumor has it that he's packing more augmentations than he's willing to admit. He was chief of security for K&O's California branch until an escalating love affair with the bottle chased him out of the Corporate world."

  • Abilities: More AP and cloaking device
  • Class: Stealth
  • Upgrades: Stealth Rig, Neural Disruptor, Modded Cloaking Rig

Dr. Xu

"Dr. Tony Xu was a brilliant researcher who rose to prominence at the University of Hong Kong. He was caught after one too many 'exploratory' trips into a K&O servers, and spent time in a detention center as a result. Too much a liability for any self-respecting University, Xu was unemployable upon release. He joined Invisible to gain personal protection while continuing his research."

  • Abilities: Shut down mainframe systems for one turn
  • Class: Engineer
  • Upgrades: Sub Dermal Tools, Neural Disruptor, Modded Shock Trap


"An ex-airborne scout in the Free Cuban Army, Valdes went underground after the re-annexation of Havana. Several years of freelance action against Corporate interests led to a considerable bounty on her head, and she joined Invisible for the chance to pay it off. Her tactical prowess is legendary, but her conscience can be a liability on and off the field."

  • Abilities: Access terminals from far away (6 tiles)
  • Class: Engineer
  • Upgrades: Wireless Emitter, Neural Disruptor, Custom Scanner


"Derek Mossman learned his trade the hard way, running petty info grafts as an orphan in post-industrial Manchester. Seeking access to the latest technologies, he wiped his own record and enlisted with the Pan-Euro Infosec Agency. He rose quickly through the ranks, joining the elite infiltration group run by Olivia Gladstone. Records after the war's end are spotty at best."

  • Abilities: Purchase Nanofabricator items for 15% less
  • Class: N/A
  • Upgrades: Fabricator Multithreading, Overclocked Nural D.A.R.T.


"Muratova served as bodyguard to the head of the most powerful oil company in Russia. A hostile takeover attempt led to an extended melee, during which she neutralized two dozen would-be assassins. She relented only after her employer died of a flashbang-induced heart attack. Not much of a conversationalist, Muratova prefers to let her actions do the talking."

  • Abilities: Gain an extra attach each turn
  • Class: Sharpshooter
  • Upgrades: Adrenaline Regulator, Nika's Volt Disruptor


"Esther Martins was a rising Holovid star when a rival leaked her teenage participation in anti-corporate riots. Fired by her studio and facing an unrelenting public smear campaign, she faked her death and went underground. With her dramatic training and a commandeered holorig, she spent a couple years running confidence jobs against corporate execs before joining Invisible."

  • Abilities: Each mainframe hack provides +1 PWR for a max of 2 per turn.
  • Class: Stealth
  • Upgrades: Refraction Chamber, Neural Disruptor

Shalem 11

"Shalem was a licensed assassin with a perfect record and an ego to match. He specialized as a sharpshooter, and would track a target for months, patiently waiting for the perfect shot. Enjoying almost celebrity status, he was able to finance a lavish lifestyle from his contracts. Why he turned away from a life of fame and riches to work for Invisible is an open question."

  • Abilities: +1 armor piercing on ranged weapons
  • Class: Sharpshooter
  • Upgrades: Enhanced Optics, Salvaged Neural Disruptor, Desert Wind Rifle


"It is arguable whether or not the human being born as Alex McTeague still exists. Driven by an obsession with perfecting his form, he has replaced most of his parts with a mechanical or vat-grown replacement. Originally funding his transhumanism through corporate bounty hunting, he joined Invisible when his augmentation ambitions grew beyond what is available on the open market."

  • Abilities: Begins with six augment slots, and gains +1 KO damage with every three augments.
  • Class: Engineer
  • Upgrades: Modular Cybernetic Frame, Neural Disruptor