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How to fix LoL Legend ‘temporarily disabled’ notification

League of Legends players can often encounter the “temporarily disabled” message when choosing a playable character in-game. Most recently, this happened with the new Legend Gwen shortly after her launch. So, is there a quick and easy LoL Legend temporarily disabled fix? Here’s the need-to-know for League fans on PC.

League of Legends ‘temporarily disabled’ fix

LoL Legend temporarily disabled

To fix the Lol Legend “temporarily disabled” notification, players have to wait a short amount of time for the lock to lift.

League of Legends’ temporarily disabled notification commonly appears when selecting new characters shortly after launch. As the in-game message indicates, the Legend in question is unavailable for selection for a limited length of time. This typically lasts just a few minutes, though can potentially last for a few hours. Users can continue playing LoL in the meantime, and simply need to wait out the temporary character lock.

League now features a massive playable roster of 155 Legends to choose from. Having all of them work and interact as intended is a huge undertaking, so Riot Games may occasionally need to disable characters if problems arise. Although it’s inconvenient, ultimately, this helps to preserve balance. Nobody wants to lose a ranked match through no fault of their own, or even their teammates’!

On that front, anyone not playing at their best due to stutter, lag, dropped frames, and freezing should check out this guide. With such a competitive community, not performing a role efficiently due to technical issues isn’t a good look and won’t win much favor with other players. Certainly not players on the same team, anyway.

After addressing any issues with low League of Legends performance on PC, it’s easier to perform well in matches. That KDA will be climbing in no time — here’s the average ratio for comparison.

If the LoL temporarily disabled notification reoccurs in the future (and it likely will), then simply fill some time until Riot makes the Legend playable once again. For the best chance of avoiding it, don’t attempt to select brand-new characters just after they arrive in the popular MOBA.

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