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Tips and Tricks

Play through single-player campaign mode for new totems you'll get reward in experience, gold, gems, and totems.

Save keys due to the fact that of players that will certainly rob and take your gems when you start a longer totem routine. You can take your gems back if you can respond rapidly.

Watch replays of intrusions to identify weak points in your defense.

Always place a way around your traps.

You have to clear your own traps prior to the game will certainly save them to your burrow.

Locks are your very first defense against intruders.

Coins collect in your burrow continuously., Gather them commonly prior to they reach their limitation. Keep in mind: You can also enhance the amount of coin storage in your burrow through an upgrade.

Upgrade your dungeon when possible to keep your items safe, and permit you to gather coins each time an intruder passes away in a trap.

After liberating a mine at the map screen, return sometimes to gather a gem.

Complete missions to victory orbs and experience.

Purchase clothing for more dexterity and health. You will certainly occasionally get items such as leaves and mushrooms as a reward when you complete a level. They can be used to upgrade your attire with extra health, dexterity, and other stat boosts. Tap the little individual in your house burrow to design and modification attire.

You can upgrade the optimum key ability, optimum gold mine capability, and locks. Upgrading the locks is the most crucial technique. It includes an additional lock to your dungeon door, needing more keys from prospective burglars.