Box art - Cops and Donuts!

Cops and Donuts! iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

If two of the same color donut collide with each other, then they will turn into a special donut, which will earn you two points when you knock it out and will knock out the donut behind you as well.

If a third donut of the same color hits it, it will become a line donut which will knock out the entire line of donuts behind me. Make sure that the line of donuts behind it is as long as possible.

If a fourth donut of the same color it’s the wind on it, it will become a sprinkled donut, which will knock out all donuts of the same color when you hit it. Be sure that there are plenty of the same color on the screen.

You can collect donuts and then spend them on a new type of cop. It's the change of the appearance of the cop in the middle nothing else.

Calling for back up will stop you from losing a stage.