Box art - Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village: How to get the Maiden and Demon Crests Location

Resident Evil Village is now out in the world. One of the first objectives players are tasked with is finding the Maiden and Demon crests. These unlock the door to the castle which is the first main area after leaving the village. Here is where to find the Resident Evil 8 Crests location of both the Maiden and Demon crests.

What are the Resident Evil Village Crest locations?

There are two Resident Evil Village Crests – Maiden and Demon. These are both found in the village area.

RE8 Maiden Crest Location

The Maiden Crest location is simply in the small church behind the metal gate at the top of the hill, directly next to the stone door where the crests fit into. Head into the church and you’ll find the Maiden Crest in the shrine on the wall. It’s a circular object that looks like a chunk of a statue. If you’re looking for secrets, there’s a hidden Crystal Fragment in the ceiling of this church.

RE8 Demon Crest Location

The Resident Evil Village Demon Crest location is a little more complicated. After going through the hole in the church’s wall and fighting with the werewolves in the field, you’ll find yourself at Luiza’s house. You may have spotted a map next to the Maiden Crest that pointed here, and you can find the Demon Crest in a shrine immediately on the left (see the picture above). However, you’ll need to make your way through the house and find a screwdriver before returning to this shrine and using the screwdriver on it.

Now that you have the Resident Evil Village Demon and Maiden Crests you can return to the stone door by the church. You may have noticed the circular part cut out of the door. Fit the Crests into these slots and align them so the carving matches the rest of the door. Now head to the castle.