Box art - Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil Village Demo: How to find the screwdriver location

The Resident Evil Village demo has now been made available to fans, albeit in a confusing time-limited fashion, although with the strict 30-minute play-time people may struggle to complete it. One of the key things you need to know going in is the Resident Evil Village demo screwdriver location, as you’ll need the RE Village screwdriver to get the Demon Crest and complete the chapter.

Where is the RE Village demo screwdriver location?

The Resident Evil Village screwdriver can be found in the garage, with its location being unearthed after completing a puzzle that will be familiar to RE fans.

After making it through the field of werewolves, you meet Elena and her dying father and head over to Luiza’s house in search of the Demon Crest. You probably spotted it outside in a distinct shrine, but Ethan says he needs to remove a screw in order to get to it, so you’ll need the Resident Evil Village demo screwdriver. Unfortunately, it’s not in the immediate area, and you only have a limited time to get it.

Progress through the following scenes with Luiza and the survivors until you get locked in the garage with Elena as the house starts to burn. Head to the green drawer next to the sink (in the picture above) and you’ll find a set of keys with a big leather pouch attached. If you were exploring you may have uncovered a nearby note saying that these keys actually have a secret.

The next part is something that any Resident Evil fan will be familiar with. Examine the keys in your inventory, scroll the camera over the fastening on the pouch, and press the button prompt when it comes up to open the pouch and reveal its secret. This will give you the RE Village demo screwdriver.

From here, you can now smash through the door using the truck, then head over to the Demon Crest shrine and use the Resident Evil Village screwdriver. Congratulations, you now have the Demon Crest and can complete the demo properly.