How to fix Xbox Series X|S Guide not opening

Having access to the Xbox Series X|S Guide is important. Without it, users can’t see their Achievements, friends list, and notifications. Even more crucially, they can’t even quit the current game or app. Naturally then, encountering the Xbox Guide inaccessible bug is a major headache. After waiting for the Guide to unsuccessfully open, users receive this system message: “Please try again. For some reason, Guide has taken too long to start. (0x8027025a)” But, is there an Xbox Series X|S Guide not opening fix? Here’s the need-to-know on a quick and easy solution.

Xbox Series X|S Guide won’t open fix

Xbox Series X S Guide not opening

If the Xbox Series X|S Guide won’t open and error code 0x8027025a occurs, users should hard reset the console. Hold the system power button down for 10 seconds until the console fully powers down. Once the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S has turned off completely, press and release the power button to turn the console back on.

Once the Xbox finishes rebooting, the Guide function should be accessible and work as intended. This quick-fix should work in a vast majority of cases, as rebooting clears the Xbox Series X|S system cache. Caching errors are a common cause of the 0x8027025a error, so rebooting is always the best first step.

If that doesn’t work, however, check the Xbox Network Status page. If no relevant services are experiencing outages, then factory resetting the Xbox Series X|S console could be required. Fortunately, it’s possible to do so while retaining all installed games and apps, along with their associated save data.

To implement the final Xbox Series X|S Guide won’t open solution, go to Settings > System > Console info > Reset console > RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS. Once users log back into their Xbox account following the factory reset, the Guide should work as intended.

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