Titans are finally being added to Apex Legends with a twist

It’s no secret that Apex Legends takes place within the Titanfall universe, though most links so far have been subtle. That’ll soon change with the arrival of Respawn Entertainment’s new playable Legend, Kairi Imahara, A.K.A. Valkyrie. She brings a heavily modified Northstar Titan to the Apex Games, finally introducing the Titanfall series’ titular mecha to the popular battle royale title. That said, the implementation of this Titan in Apex Legends Season 9 isn’t what most players will expect.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Patch Notes Preview

Apex Legends Season 9 titans

The Apex Legends Season 9 release date is May 4. This ninth season arrives alongside the Legacy update, which includes a new playable Legend (Valkyrie), lootable weapon (Bocek Bow), and “Infested Olympus” map event.

Here are the tentative Apex Legends Legacy patch notes so far:

  • Valkyrie — New playable Legend
  • Bocek Bow — New lootable weapon
  • Infested Olympus — New map event
  • Legacy Battle Pass
  • Legacy Ranked

Valkyrie grew up piloting a Northstar Titan, though, unfortunately, it met its end in battle. Now Imahara has made her Titan into a makeshift jetpack that she’ll pilot in the Apex Games. Although it isn’t quite the same as controlling a mech, it’s possible that some of the same abilities will carry over.

In Titanfall 2, the Northstar had VTOL Hover and Cluster Missile capabilities that would transfer nicely. It’s only possible to speculate for now, however, as there’s no word on the Valkyrie skills, abilities, and ultimate just yet.

Elsewhere in the update, the Bocek Bow is a “powerful and deadly weapon” that will require a high level of skill to wield. With high damage output but a low firing rate, as with most bows, players have to make every shot count. As for the Infested Olympus event, players can expect “natural growths” to infest the city and “strangle [it] with roots.”

EA and Respawn’s latest Stories from the Outlands short further expands on Valkyrie’s lore. It’s revealed that Kairi Imahara is actually the daughter of Viper, a Titan Pilot that some players might remember facing off against in Titanfall 2.

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