Should I get the new iPad Pro 2021 if I have an old one?

Apple revealed the 5th generation iPad Pro during today’s stream, and it’s a big upgrade over the iPad Pro 2020. Those who already have an iPad Pro are wondering if they should get the iPad Pro 2021 or wait. It’s a tough decision, one which depends on what a person users their iPad for.

Should I buy an iPad Pro (5th Generation) if I already own an older model?

iPad 2021 12 inch

For those that own a first or second-generation iPad Pro, the question of whether to upgrade or not has a simple answer: yes. The first two generations of iPad Pro are still reasonably capable, even four or five years after release. However, the iPad Pro 2021 is a giant leap forward from those models in every aspect.

Users who have a third or fourth-generation iPad Pro may not find the fifth-gen device is enough of an upgrade to make the purchase worth it. The iPad 2021 has impressive specs with the M1 chip, 8-16 GB of RAM, and up to 2 TB of storage. However, since the device is limited to using iPadOS, it’s a bit overequipped. Users will be hardpressed to find tasks that make full use of the third and fourth-gen iPads specs, so there’s not really any need for extra power.

The one scenario that an upgrade might be worth it is for those who use their iPad as a laptop replacement. The more powerful specs would be beneficial for multitasking, but for those who just use their tablet for reading or playing games, there’s no significant advantage over the last two models.

The one thing that could change all this is if Apple decides to let users install macOS on the new iPad Pro. If users could dual-boot between iPadOS and macOS, this device would finally be the laptop replacement that Apple has wanted it to be all these years. However, there’s no confirmation or even whispers of that happening.