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Plunder Pirates iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

No matter pirates are in question focus on building up your resources first. Buildings and silos upgrade to the maximum level before you start plundering because it's resources that you need a lot of in this game.

As soon as the tutorial is over spend 100 Gems to purchase the second Builder’s Hut. Later on the third hut. Don’t rush production, don’t spend your gems on anything else until you have at least three builders available! with them you'll be able to work much faster.

Initially game gives you 24 hours of protection from other attacks and it would be best to keep it on while you build up your base.

In the beginning log in as often as possible in order to get the most out of the early protection.

It's a exploration game so explore the seas constantly.

When sailing take the clear waters as they are the fastest to sail and there are no dangers for your crew.

Always collect resources from islands you’ve discovered or conquered.

Complete the quests as they are a guide for the game and for how you should build up your base, explore and fight.

When you collect the rewards be sure you have enough room in your vault for them, otherwise you’ll lose them.

Each pirate has a special characteristic. It's good to make sure you have a strategy based on the strengths of the pirates you have recruited.

Don’t send all troops in battle if they’re not required to win. You'll lose them and this only means lost resources.

It's better to guide your resources or the Pirate Hall and not the whole island.

Make wall 'chambers' instead of straight walls. They will keep your enemy at bay for longer time.

Increase the distance enemy troops has to cover before they get to your important buildings with decorations to extend the land.