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Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 Fish Locations and Baits: How to catch Sandfish and Blue Marlin

Fishing in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 is a bit more complicated than it seems at first. Each fishing location has its own species, and each of these prefers certain baits. To successfully complete The Fisherman’s Gambit side quests, players will need to catch most of the available species of fish, including the elusive Sandfish and Blue Marlin.

How to fish in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22

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Fishing seems easy enough in Nier Replicant. Players can get a fishing rod from the old man in Seafront as part of the main story. However, after obtaining the Shaman Fish, there’s a nine-part side quest available from the Old Fisherman that’ll have players taking on increasingly harder challenges.

To catch a fish, all players have to do is wait until the right moment and either pull back on the left stick or tap O. Then, they need to hold the left stick in the opposite direction that the fishing is pulling until the meter at the bottom depletes.

However, knowing when to hook the fish isn’t as easy as just watching the bobber dip below the water. Each fish has a different tell. The bobber will only dip a maximum of three times before the cast fails. However, players must hook some fish on the first or second dip. Additionally, whether the bobber gets a soft or hard tug helps identify which fish species is nibbling at a player’s bait.

Note that Nier starts as a pretty poor fisherman. However, each time players complete one of the Fisherman’s Gambit side quests, he gets better. So, those who are having difficulty nabbing a fish might want to wait until they’ve completed all these quests and try again.

Nier Replicant fishing locations list

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In the table below, we’ve gathered info on every fish species in Nier Replicant, what bait it likes, and how to hook it. We’ll go into further detail on two particularly tricky species in the sections below.

Fish SpeciesLocationFavorite Bait(s)Nibble Pattern
Black BassSeafront PiersLure, SardineSoft, Hook
BlowfishSeafront PiersLugwormSoft, Soft, Hook
Blue MarlinSeafront PiersLure, SardineHook
BreamSeafront PiersLureHard, Hard, Hook
CarpSeafront PiersEarthwormHard, Hook
DunkleosteusSeafront PiersSardineSoft, Hard, Hook
Giant CatfishEastern RoadLure, Sardine, CarpHook
HyneriaDesertSardineSoft, Soft, Hook
Rainbow TroutNorthern PlainsLure, EarthwormSoft, Soft, Hook
RhizodantDesertSardineHard, Hard, Hook
Royal FishEastern RoadEarthworm, SardineHard, Soft, Hook
SandfishDesertLugworm, Lure, SardineHook
SardineSeafront BeachLugwormHard, Hook
Shaman FishSeafront BeachLureSoft, Soft, Hook
SharkSeafront PiersSardineSoft, Hook

How to catch the Sandfish in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22

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Catching three Sandfish in Nier Replicant is the objective of The Fisherman’s Gambit, Part 6. This is likely the first fish that’ll give players issues because it isn’t apparent when the hook should be set.

To catch a Sandfish, head to the desert near the boat. Players should cast their rods (with Sardines as bait preferably). The tricky part here is that the rod doesn’t dip when it’s time to hook the Sandfish. Instead, players should try and time setting the hook with the first bob. If done correctly, the Sandfish will be on the line, and it’s a relatively easy struggle from there.

How to catch the Blue Marlin in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22

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The Blue Marlin is another tough fish to hook in Nier Replicant. However, the process of catching it is similar to that used to get the Sandfish. It’s located off the piers in Seafront. Using Sardines, cast the rod and attempt a hook on the first bite. This should hook a Blue Marlin, and the process of reeling it in won’t be too challenging.