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Is there a New Pokemon Snap iPhone and Android release date?

Excitement is growing as the launch of New Pokemon Snap approaches. The laidback photography game is perfect to play on the go, which has many wondering if it’s coming to mobile. With Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters already available on iOS and Android, will the Pokemon Snap sequel follow suit? Here’s the latest on a New Pokemon Snap iPhone and Android release date.

Is New Pokemon Snap coming to iPhone and iPad?

New Pokemon Snap iPhone iOS iPad

The Pokemon Snap sequel is coming to Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite on May 30, 2021. At the time of writing, there is no New Pokemon Snap iPhone and iPad release date.

Nintendo has shown willingness to release its games, and specifically Pokemon titles, on iOS in the past. Pokemon Go is still achieving great success years after its release, so clearly there’s a huge market to tap into. Despite this, Nintendo doesn’t typically port its console games to mobile. If Pokemon Snap ever were to make the jump, it would most likely be as a standalone spin-off rather than a straight port.

Is New Pokemon Snap coming to Android?

New Pokemon Snap Android phone tablet

New Pokemon Snap is a Nintendo Switch exclusive launching May 30, 2021. The Pokemon Snap sequel isn’t coming to Android smartphones and tablets at this time.

Although there are already official Pokemon games on the Google Play Store, they’re bespoke mobile experiences. Nintendo doesn’t usually port console games over to mobile, instead opting to make all-new applications. As a result, it seems unlikely that a New Pokemon Snap Android release date will be announced in the future.

So, it doesn’t look like a New Pokemon Snap mobile version is too likely. What about other platforms, though? Here’s the need-to-know for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Mobile gamers are at least due to get their hands on a couple of other big franchises. Battlefield and Devil May Cry are both coming to iOS and Android soon.