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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 – VELEN] The Nilfgaardian Connection (VIDEO)

This quest is available once Imperial Audience is completed.

GAMER NOTE: Although two other areas also open up at this time including "Pyres of Novigrad" and "Destination: Skellige" those quests require a significantly higher level than you will be at after finishing the prologue. If you want more of a challenge than you can pursue those paths first but if you want to have even handed difficulty adhere to the recommended level indicators.


After arriving at the inn at the crossroads you will be approached by three of the Baron's soldiers after speaking with a bar keep. Depending on what you do you can fight them or avoid conflict.


Threaten them "Back off, or Die"Leads to a fight and an ambush after leaving the inn. Will also change how the "Bloody Baron" main quest plays out in the beginning.
Tell them who you are "I'm a Witcher"This will scare the crap out of one of them and they will avoid conflict with you. Will also change how the "Bloody Baron" main quest plays out in the beginning.
Buy them a round "Care for a drink?"Pay for their booze possibly leading to some good will down the line.


No matter what happens with the Baron's men the bar keep will tell you that Hendrik went to Heatherton. There you will find a town ravaged by The Wild Hunt and will need to fight some dogs.

After that you'll be able to speak with the lone survivor about what happened. 

Once that is over find Hendrik's body and you will find a key in his shoe. The key will unlock a basement door covered by dirt and snow. Once inside there you'll find some coin and a secret panel opened by interacting with a light fixture on the wall. Inside the secret compartment is a ledger and upon reading all the entries you will get new leads on Ciri and complete the quest. 

NEXT QUEST: Bloody Baron, and Hunting a Witch