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How to upgrade or increase health in Returnal

Upgrading health in Returnal is absolutely vital in getting to the later stages. Enemies do too much damage if players are going in with the base 100% Suit Integrity. Here’s how to increase and upgrade health in Returnal.

How to increase and upgrade health in Returnal

Get three pieces of Resin

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The most efficient and common way to increase HP in Returnal is by collecting three pieces of Resin. Resin looks like a green health drop, but instead of healing health, it builds toward raising the maximum amount of health. The Resin counter is in the lower left side of the screen near the health bar. After each blip has been filled in, Suit Integrity will increase.

There are two types of Resin: small and large. Small pieces only fill one blip while large pieces fill in to.

Resin can show up naturally around the world and from dead enemies, but it is very rare. The easier way to find Resin is to pick up health drops at full health. Once at full Integrity, every health pickup becomes a piece of Resin. It is then smart to ignore some health pickups, get full health, and then go back and pick up those health pieces that were left behind.

Buying an Integrity upgrade at the Fabricator

How to upgrade or increase health in Returnal

Every biome has a Fabricator and all of those have a terminal that allow players to buy a 25% health increase for 350 Obolites. This is pretty common and would likely be a good investment for most players.

Finding the right parasite

While there are a ton of different parasite types and getting a specific one is going to be tough, there are parasites that offer big health benefits. But, being a parasite, these ones will also come with a random debuff as well.

Lying down in an Inert Reclaimer

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There are green beds around some of the levels that are called Inert Reclaimers. These stony beds are mostly for refilling health but lying in them also increases Selene’s health by a small amount, too.

Can you permanently upgrade health in Returnal?

Selene’s health is always the same at the start of every run in Returnal. There are no permanent upgrades that allow players to start with more HP. Players begin each run with the same amount of Suit Integrity every time and there is currently no way to change that. To survive longer in each run, check out our tip guide every newer player should know.