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What do the Reclaimers do in Returnal?

Returnal has a ton of alien technology in it — like the Reconstructor — and the Reclaimer is just another piece of weird tech. This red bed is mysterious as its description is vague and its red lights are seemingly a warning sign. Here’s what Reclaimers do in Returnal.

What are the Reclaimers in Returnal?

What do the Reclaimers do in Returnal?

Reclaimers in Returnal take away some of the player’s health in exchange for a random item or piece of equipment. The description says that it “can damage Integrity” but it seems to always damage the Selene. It lops off a fairly sizable chunk of health, too, but the rewards are often grand in return. The rewards can range from an item like a powerful Astronaut Figurine that revives the player to a strong perk (just be sure to pick up the reward on the floor).

Given how helpful the rewards usually are, it is often a good idea to use the Reclaimers when they pop up, which seems to be around one every biome or two. After all, the buffs they give the player are usually very strong or permanent whereas taking damage is only temporary.

However, it is smart to survey the area before lying down on top of a Reclaimer and letting it drain of Selene’s life. If there are tough rooms or a boss ahead, taking an extra damage hit might not be worth it. But if there is an Inert Reclaimer inside of a nearby room or a room with a ton of health packs, then it would be smart to take advantage of the gifts this stony bed has. Think through the possible effects of taking the deal.

Also be aware that, as is the case with Inert Reclaimers, enemies can sometimes spawn in the room after using the machine. It can be a cheap shot and easy way to die after taking a big health hit.

There are many other secrets in the game, too. There are chests locked behind bars, spooky machines called Reconstructors, inviting green ones, weird yellow force fields, and more objects that simply evade reasoning. For more general tips, check out our tip guide every newer player should know.