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Can you save in Returnal without dying or Rest Mode?

As a rogue-like, Returnal is strict when it comes to saving. Sure, players can put their PS5 into Rest Mode or die to trigger a save, but that’s not always convenient. Many will be looking for a way to suspend save in Returnal, but won’t have luck finding it.

Is there a way to save in Returnal besides dying or Rest Mode?

Returnal Save without dying multiple slots

The only way to save in Returnal is to die. Each time Selene perishes (for good) and respawns the game autosaves. Players can suspend the game by putting the PS5 into Rest Mode, but there’s no way to suspend save mid-run.

Returnal is a rogue-like, which is a genre that is unforgiving when it comes to saving progress. Given that runs can take multiple hours depending on the route the player takes, it’s unfortunate that there’s no way to temporarily save until the game is launched again.

Rest Mode isn’t a great alternative to a suspend save because players will have to close Returnal to play another title. This isn’t a huge deal for some, but those that share a console with friends or family will inevitably find themselves in a position where they have to throw away progress.

Are there multiple save slots in Returnal?

Fortunately, the autosave itself is very reliable. Without fail, upon death, Returnal autosaves any progress and spawns Selene for another run. Autosave is the only type of saving the game has and there is only one save slot. The devs have completely eliminated the possibility of save scumming to the detriment of convenience.

Players should also note that only permanent upgrades and artifacts will be carried over to a new run. When the game autosaves after each run Selene’s inventory is wiped except for a select few items and story progression. Doors that require special keys also stay unlocked, which at least allows players to take shortcuts easier.