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Returnal Anathema Vault Key Location

Opening the Anathema Vault is necessary to progress in Returnal. However, to do so, players will need to find the Anathema Key. It can be a tough fight to get there, but we’ll show players how to unlock the Anathema Vault.

How to find the Anathema Vault Key in Returnal

Returnal Anthema Key Location

Players will likely run across the Anathema Vault fairly early in the game. It stands out since it’s the one area that has a red door on the minimap. Unfortunately, the first time most players see it, they won’t be able to unlock it because they need the Anathema Key.

Each run generates a new map, so there are no guarantees that players will find their Anathema Key in the same room order as we did. However, it should be set up similarly enough that we can get players in the approximate area.

Before getting the Anathema Key and opening the Anathema Vault, players should first get the Atropian Blade by exploring deeper into the Overgrown Ruins. They’ll find it in the same room as the Crimson Gateway, which won’t come into play until later.

Once players have the Atropian Blade, they should return to the fork with the red barrier and melee attack it to break it. For us, the room with the Anathema Key was directly behind that barrier. Take care when picking it up, though, as enemies will attack as soon as it’s picked up.

With the Anathema Key in hand, players can proceed to the room containing the Anathema Vault door. However, it’s not time to relax. This room can be frustrating, with the potential for multiple turrets and sentry eyes that’ll hit with a powerful beam if they spot Selene.

Once the enemies have been dealt with, players can use the Anathema Key to unlock the Anathema Vault. However, the danger is far from over as this door leads to the game’s first boss fight with Phrike.