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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 – VELEN] The Whispering Hillock ALL PATHS (VIDEO)

CAUTION: This quest outcome has a huge impact on the fates of the Baron and his family.

Thsi quest is available after progressing in Ladies of the Wood and meeting the witches of Crookback Bog aka the Ladies of the Wood.

The Ladies of the Wood, like everyone Geralt encounters, will not tell him about Ciri until he helps them with something. That something is helping local villagers with an evil spirit haunting the woods nearby. There are two paths to this quest after you find the spirit.

PATH 1 - Setting the Spirit Free


In order to set the spirit free you need to collect 3 items:

1. Raven Feather

Found during the Ladies of the Wood quest while helping Johnny

2. Finding the Spirit's Remains

They are in the swamp nearby, you will need to fight Drowners and a Water Hag.

3. Taming a Horse

Get close to a grazing horse near the spot indicated on the map, use the Axii sign on it and ride it back to the spirit.

GAMER TIP: You will only have one final chance after bringing back the ritual items to decide to kill the spirit or continue helping it. I recommend saving beforehand in case you want to back track.
PATH 2 - Killing The Spirit

Completing this quest will also lead to the completion of Family Matters and reveal Anna’s Fate.

After talking to the Baron again the quest Return to Crookback Bog becomes available and ties up all remaining loose ends involving the Baron and his family.