Box art - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 NOVIGRAD] The Play’s the Thing (VIDEO)

Once you’re done with Count Reuven’s Treasure and Get Junior this quest can begin.

Geralt and Priscilla begin planning a play to get a secret message to Dudu.

GAMER NOTE: The most important decision is whether or not you make the play a comedy or a drama. If you pick a drama the crowd will riot no matter what and you’ll have to fight at the end. If you pick a comedy than there will be no riot. If there’s a riot than you’ll get slightly less money. If you choose to help the puffins you’ll also get more money and experience too since more people will come.



LINE 1“I kill monsters for pleasure..."FLUB
“To slay beasts most foul..”CORRECT
LINE 2“Perhaps ‘midst the guests...”CORRECT
“Maybe he’s hid..”FLUB
LINE 3“If the maid loves him..”FLUB
“Seems men’s hearts..”CORRECT
LINE 4“But a lack of morals…”FLUB
“But a base heart..”CORRECT
LINE 5“No monster is he…”CORRECT
“Show love for the dopplers…”FLUB