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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 NOVIGRAD] Redania’s Most Wanted ALL PATHS (VIDEO)

This quest starts directly at the end of Get Junior when you are forced to have an audience with King Radovid. He will ask you to meet his witch hunters at the last known location of Philippa Eilhart. Before completing this quest you should complete Eye for an Eye or Deadly Plot to avoid secondary quest conflicts.

During this quest you will run into deactivated portals. In order to reactivate them you will need to use Aard on specialized crystals usually adjacent to where the deactivated portal is. A few of them are missing though so you'll need to fight through Nekkers or witch hunters to reclaim them. 


Nekkers- Necrophage Oil

- Yrden/Quen/Igni Sign
Fire Elemental Guardian- Elementa Oil

- Dimeritium Bomb
Witch Hunters- Hanged Man's Venom

- Any sign you prefer

- Grapeshot bomb on large groups 

After finding Phillipa's laboratory search it thoroughly to find signs of what seems like a medical operation, an agate stone, and a megascope crystal.



There are several ways Geralt can decide to handle dealing with the Megascope crystal. 

BUG ALERT: If you wait to give the crystal to Yennefer after completing Secondary Quest: The Last Wish and go to Triss before going to Radovid you will still have the option to give the crystal to Triss which will in turn ruin all optional objectives. If you do this and return to Radovid to complete the quest it cancels out both optional objectives of giving the crystal to Yennefer or Triss. Chose someone to give the megascope Crystal to and then go directly to Radovid afterward to avoid this happening.


Give Megascope 

Crystal to Triss

Triss is pleased and the hidden message is revealed. 

As long as you have not completed Now or Never or have completed it without Triss leaving than you will be able to bring the crystal to her before going back to Radovid.

Give Megascope

Crystal to Yennefer

Yennefer will be pleased and the hidden message is revealed.

This is definitely the trickier option as you cannot give the crystal too Yennefer until completing the Main Quest: Nameless and Secondary Quest: The Last Wish in Skellige. So if this is the route you want to take, postpone completing this quest until you can give Yennefer the crystal than immediately return to Radovid to end the quest. You must give her the crystal before completing Main Quest: Isle of Mists or the option is no longer available.

Give Megascope Crystal to the Witch Hunters

Although you can lie to the Witch Hunters when leaving the hideout you also have the option to give them the crystal. When you meet with Radovid they will take credit for it and Geralt will get absolutely no recognition. Radovid turns the crystal over to his mage prisoners. Geralt never sees the hidden message.

Give Megascope Crystal to Radovid

You must lie to the Witch Hunters when you leave the hideout which results in having to kill them. The end result then being that you turn the megascope crystal over to Radovid, which is not good, and he gives it to his mage prisoners. Geralt gets a reward but never sees the hidden message.

Lie to the Witch Hunters and RadovidLying to the Witch Hunters at the hideout results in having to kill them. Lie to Radovid and he is displeased but does not get the crystal which is good. However not speaking with Triss and Yennefer before going to him means you lose out on giving them the crystal and figuring out what the hidden message on it is.