Box art - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 NOVIGRAD] An Eye for an Eye ALL PATHS (VIDEO)

This is a Secondary Quest available during the Get Junior Main Story quest.

Roche asks Geralt to help him with a problem involving Ves. This problem is essential that Ves wants to kill a bunch of Nilfgaardians and Roche wants her to maybe not do that. Unfortunately Ves ignores Roche’s orders and you must find her before it is too late.


Let the survivor live = Ves is furious and Roche is pleased

GAMER TIP: When you are fighting Nilfgaardians find Ves immediately and fight the soldiers surrounding her first.

Kill the survivor = Ves is pleased and Roche is unhappy about it but kills the soldier himself.

At the end of the quest Roche will be grateful either way. By completing this quest Roche will be available later o in the game to help Geralt at Kaer Morhen.

After completing this quest I’d suggest continuing on with Get Junior, Count Reuven’s Treasure, or Redania’s Most Wanted if you haven’t completed those quests already.