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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 – VELEN] SIDE QUEST: Funeral Pyres ALL PATHS (VIDEO)




On the road to The Inn at the Crossroads (covered in The Nilfgaardian Connection), if you follow the directions from the Hangman's Tree, you will come across a priest praying at a shrine to the Eternal Fire. His guards tell you off, but The Priest beckons you to approach with a quest to help rid the battlefield of corpses by burning them. 

At the last burn site (it doesn't matter what order you pick them in, it will always be the last one) you discover a fisstech dealer, meant to be one of the corpses, but still alive. He tells you that The Priest had been buying fisstech from him, but then ambushed him.

There are three different paths with different outcomes:

You can choose to believe the fisstech dealer or not. If you choose to believe him you will automatically confront The Priest about his deception. The Priest will attempt to bribe you, and you can:


Accept The Priest's bribe.Go on your merry way.60 Crowns.
Refuse The Priest's

The Priest and his guards attack you.No reward (since he's dead, but you can find

200 crowns on The Priest's body afterward).
Tell the fisstech 

dealer he's lying.
The Priest pays you for the

assigned work.
20 Crowns. 


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