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How to fix Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning

It’s already a contender for game of the year, but the PS5-exclusive Returnal is not without its problems. The Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning bug is particularly annoying, since Selene has to collect all these Sunface Fragments in order to access the House once again, finish Returnal Act 3, and get access to the game’s secret ending. It’s not like the player can simply reload an earlier save or anything, so what can players do to fix this annoying spawn bug?

Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning fix

Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning

To fix Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning, players will need to start another cycle to trigger new potential spawns.

The above fix can be incredibly frustrating, since the player needs these items to access the game’s secret ending. This can appear harsh but is probably due to the roguelike nature of the game.

The six Sunface Fragments can be found scattered across the entire game world, and there is one in each of the six biomes. While they can be obvious when they are found, there is no set location where they spawn. Players have reported that they have carefully explored every inch of certain biomes several times over and the Sunface Fragment has simply not spawned.

While this is deeply frustrating, the good news is that Selene does not drop these Sunface Fragments when she dies, so players can restart and replay a biome from scratch, which should hopefully also reset the Sunface Fragment spawning. Once all six Fragments are collected the full Sunface is completed and players can head back to either Overgrown Ruins or Echoing Ruins and access the House again.

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