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Resident Evil Village Co-Op: Is there cooperative local and online multiplayer?

Resident Evil Village is, to nobody’s surprise, super spooky at times. Previous games in the series have let players team up online and locally with friends to help offset the horror. Is the same true of the eighth mainline Resi game, though? Here’s the latest on Resident Evil Village co-op support for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Does Resident Evil Village have splitscreen and online co-op?

Resident Evil Village co-op

All copies of Resident Evil Village come bundled with cooperative multiplayer game RE:Verse. In Re:Verse, users can team up with two friends online and play co-op against an opposing team of three players.

Although RE Village itself doesn’t feature a cooperative campaign, every owner of the game will have access to Re:Verse when it launches this summer. As such, the standalone Re:Verse experience serves as the RE8 multiplayer mode where players can work together via the internet. It’s only playable online, so, unfortunately, there is no Resident Evil Village local splitscreen couch co-op support.

The Mercenaries mode is making its return in Village, which could potentially be a sign of more co-op to come. Resident Evil 6 features cooperative play in this secondary game type, so it’s possible that RE Village could follow suit via paid DLC or a free game update. The arcade-style gameplay of Mercs is ideal for cooperation. Additionally, its heavy action focus means that the presence of another player wouldn’t ruin the survival horror atmosphere as it could in the campaign.

Of course, it’s important to note that nothing official has been announced on this front. Stay tuned for further updates on Resident Evil Village co-op features as potential announcements break.

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