Is there a Hood: Outlaws and Legends Nintendo Switch release date?

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is a unique multiplayer heist game from Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive. It’s been drawing a lot of comparisons to Assassin’s Creed, and naturally, the collective attention of gamers as a result. Is there a Hood: Outlaws and Legends Nintendo Switch version on the way, though? Here’s the need-to-know for Switch and Switch Lite owners looking to play the new multiplayer game based on Robin Hood.

Is Hood: Outlaws and Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

Hood Outlaws and Legends Nintendo Switch

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is launching on May 10 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Currently, there is no Hood: Outlaws and Legends Nintendo Switch release date.

There have been no announcements regarding a future Hood: Outlaws and Legends Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite port. That said, this doesn’t rule it out as an eventual possibility.

Both the developer Sumo Digital and the publisher Focus Home Interactive have experience producing games for Nintendo Switch. If the game does well and there’s a desire from the community for a portable version, it could happen. Should Hood: Outlaws and Legends gain a loyal player base, porting the game to Switch is a logical next step.

Popular multiplayer titles such as Overwatch, Warframe, and Dead by Daylight all transitioned to Nintendo Switch after finding their feet on other platforms. It’s entirely possible that Hood: Outlaws and Legends could follow in their footsteps. First things first, however, the existing platforms will likely need to perform well and justify the development expense.

Hood already has an extensive update roadmap that includes tons of free content. Hopefully, that’s more than enough to keep players coming back and encourage a Switch port.

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