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Resident Evil Village: Can’t find Labyrinth Puzzle fix

Resident Evil Village‘s Labyrinth Puzzles are easy enough to solve, provided players can actually find them. The tricky bit can be hunting down these wooden contraptions, with the in-game map sometimes being more of a hindrance than a help. For Resident Evil 8 players who can’t find a Labyrinth Puzzle, here’s the fix.

Why can’t I find the Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Can't find Labyrinth Puzzle

Players can’t find the Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil Village because it’s on a different floor.

The in-game map can be a powerful tool for finding unexplored areas and tracking down valuable resources. However, the way the map works can lead to some confusing moments.

Players can cycle through the different levels of a map, showing what is on the different floors. Should a player accidentally move between floors or fail to set the map to the floor that they are currently on, it can appear that objects like Labyrinth Puzzles are missing from the room.

To fix this, players must make sure they are viewing the floor that they are currently on. If a Labyrinth Puzzle appears to be missing, players will want to go up or down a level to find it.

Once the Labyrinth Puzzle has been found, players can make use of the relevant ball to complete the relatively simple trial for a reward.

Missing out on Labyrinth Puzzle rewards isn’t a significant issue. There are no key items contained in these puzzles, so players can still complete the game without completing them.

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