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Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Voice Actor: Who plays him?

Resident Evil Village has an array of interesting characters all presented in impressive detail. These include motion and voice capture. One of the more unique RE8 characters is Heisenberg, who some players are convinced is played by Nick Cage. Is it Nicolas Cage or some other talented voice-over artist? Here’s who voices Heisenberg, The Duke, and the rest of the key Resident Evil 8 cast members.

Who plays Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Voice Actor

Resident Evil Village’s Heisenberg is played by Neil Newbon.

Newbon was last heard in Resident Evil 3 Remake, where he played Nicholai Ginovaef. That was an entirely different voice, so it’s unlikely that Resi fans will notice any similarities.

Full List of Resident Evil Village Voice Actors

Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Voice Actor

  • Karl Heisenberg – Neil Newbon
  • The Duke – Aaron LaPlante
  • Ethan Winters – Todd Soley
  • Mia Winters – Katie O’ Hagan
  • Chris Redfield – Jeff Schine
  • Mother Miranda – Michelle Lukes
  • Salvatore Moreau – Jesse Pimentel
  • Angie – Paula Rhodes
  • Donna Beneviento – Andi Norris
  • Alcina Dimitrescu – Maggie Robertson
  • Daniela Dimitrescu – Nicole Tompkins
  • Cassandra Dimitrescu – Jeanette Maus
  • Bela Dimitrescu – Bekka Prewitt
  • The Hag – Carol Stanzione
  • Elena – Nicole Tompkins
  • Leonardo – Robert Fleet
  • Luiza – Sara Coates
  • Anton – Dave Meir
  • Sebastian – Conner Marx
  • Roxana – Jeanette Maus
  • Julian – Jesse Pimental
  • Eveline – Paula Rhodes

That’s the full voice cast of Resident Evil Village. With the detailed animation in each cutscene, it’s possible that these actors also provided motion capture for the characters they played. This is becoming much more common in AAA game development.

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