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What to buy first in Resident Evil Village?

Knowing what to buy first in Resident Evil Village can give new players a big advantage in the early game and sets them up nicely for later fights. Choosing the best first item from The Duke merchant can be tricky, however, as he offers a vast amount of equipment and resources to help Ethan survive his RE8 journey. Here’s the need-to-know on what to spend Lei money on first in Resident Evil 8.

What should I buy first in Resident Evil Village?

What to buy first in Resident Evil Village

The best first item to buy in Resident Evil Village is the recipe for shotgun ammo.

Players who have thoroughly searched the village area for loot and treasures, while also picking up Crystal Skulls and other valuable items dropped by enemies, should be able to get 3,000 Lei.

Buying the shotgun ammo recipe first will allow players to combine common resources to craft ammunition for one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This is great for dealing with the tougher enemies that await players in the castle.

Other great items to buy at the start of the game are the Extra Baggage for 10,000 Lei. Powering up the shotgun for 8,000 Lei is also a great option, though those who prefer the pistol may want to start powering that up.

In the castle, ammo and heals are commonplace. It’s not recommended to buy these first, unless playing on a tougher difficulty where every First Aid Kit and ammo pack can mean the difference between life and death.

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