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Resident Evil Village House still red: Why won’t it turn blue?

The Resident Evil Village “house still red” issue is sure to frustrate players looking to find every single item. A house or area remains red when there is still something of interest to be found within, eventually turning blue when everything has been discovered. For those RE8 players who are asking “Why won’t it turn blue?”, here’s the need-to-know info.

Why is the house still red in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village House still red

The Resident Evil Village house is still red because there is still something to be found inside. No matter how hard the player has looked, there is still a secret to be uncovered.

Searching every nook and cranny for the last remaining bit of ammo or healing item can take forever in the hunt to make sure every single area has turned blue before moving on. Often, it’s an item tucked away in a cunning corner, but sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is stopping the house or area from turning blue.

The main reason for a house staying red is when players don’t yet have the tools to full open every drawer and search in every compartment. Lockpicks are sometimes needed, as are safe codes.

While it can be tempting to keep on searching until the end of time, Ethan does have a kid to find. Thankfully, leaving areas red doesn’t have any drastic impact on how the story plays out. Players pulling their hair out over a red room should just leave it behind.

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