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Does Resident Evil Village have autosave?

Though there are typewriters that can be used to record save data, it would be nice to also have Resident Evil Village autosave backing up progress after each major event. The typewriter system may be nostalgic for fans of the franchise, but there are surely those who would prefer RE8 to automatically save. Here’s whether or not Resident Evil Village has autosave.

Does Resident Evil Village save automatically?

Does Resident Evil Village have autosave

Yes, Resident Evil Village saves automatically. It does have autosave.

Players may notice a flickering black dot occasionally popping up in the corner of the screen. This indicates when the game is automatically saving. The dot is fairly subtle, as it often hints at when a major scare is about to take place. It’s clear that the developers didn’t want to make it too obvious that something big was coming.

Though it does support autosave, there is only one autosave slot. Therefore, it’s wise to combine the automatic saves with manual saves using typewriters. This allows players to use a generous number of save slots to record different playthroughs at different locations.

Players worried about the delay between typewriters and all of that progress potentially being lost should not worry, as autosave is working its magic in the background.

With all of that said, it’s possible that tougher difficulties will punish or ban autosaving, as has been the case in past Resident Evil games. However, for those on Normal or Casual, autosave is on and ready for action!

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