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Is there a Resident Evil Village difficulty Trophy or Achievement?

There are multiple difficulty options available to the player in the latest Resident Evil title, but is there a Resident Evil Village difficulty Trophy or Achievement for finishing the game at each of those difficulty levels? What about the ‘Village of Shadows’ hardest difficulty level for anyone who’s purchased the Deluxe Edition or completed the game once, is there a Trophy for completing the game that way too? Here’s the answer.

How to unlock Resident Evil Village difficulty Trophy or Achievement

Resident Evil Village difficulty Trophy

There is a Trophy or Achievement, depending on what platform the game is on, for completing Resident Evil Village on each difficulty level. There is a further Trophy/Achievement for completing Resident Evil Village on the “Village of Shadows” hardest difficulty level.

The only way to access the insane challenge that is the Resident Evil 8 “Village of Shadows” difficulty level from the beginning is by purchasing the game’s Deluxe Edition. This includes the Resident Evil Village Trauma Pack DLC, of which the highlight is the hardcore difficulty level. On the other hand, if the player has no plans to play the game’s highest difficulty setting first, then it can be freely unlocked upon finishing the story campaign on any other difficulty level.

“Village of Shadows” will undoubtedly be a tough challenge even for skilled Resident Evil fans, as anyone who’s played the demo can attest to, but rest assured if Resident Evil Village is completed that way then it will unlock a Trophy/Achievement for the trouble. The Resident Evil Village demo is still available until a couple of days after release, so it may be worth checking out to see what kind of challenge it offers before taking on “Village of Shadows” level.

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