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Resident Evil Village Wooden Goat: Should I destroy it?

Resident Evil 8 contains some strange “Goats of Warding” that come with an ominous warning. Is it safe to destroy the Resident Evil Village wooden goat statues, though? Here’s the lowdown on whether Mother Miranda will really bring down her wrath on players that break goat effigies.

Are wooden goats safe to destroy in RE8?

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Wooden goats are the Resident Evil Village collectibles. Although the first goat includes a warning, no risk comes with destroying the goat statues in RE8.

Mother Miranda’s full goat figure warning message reads as follows:

“We offer these Goats of Warding to protect the village and its people. Any who break them shall feel Mother Miranda’s wrath.”

Despite the stern wording, Mother Miranda will not specifically seek out players that break the Resi Village goat figurines. By the same token, she will not grant free passage to those that leave them be. Destroying the goats made of wood makes no difference to how Mother Miranda treats RE8 protagonist Ethan Winters.

Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters serve Miranda and pursue players throughout a portion of the game, though these pursuits still take place regardless of whether or not wooden goats have been destroyed. As such, players should always aim to seek out and destroy as many Goats of Warding as possible without fear of repercussions.

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