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Resident Evil Village Reattach Hand: How do you heal Ethan’s arm?

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan loses his hand again. This time a good chunk of arm goes with it. For most people in the same situation, this would be a permanent (and perhaps fatal) injury. After all, Ethan isn’t exactly in the position to get it surgically reattached. However, this is Resident Evil, so there’s a way to reattach Ethan’s arm.

How do you reattach Ethan’s hand in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Reattach Ethan Arm Hand

When working his way through Castle Dimitrescu, Ethan finds a switch to open a passage in the Dungeon. Unfortunately, as he’s reaching out his arm to use it, Lady Dimitrescu catches up with him and slices right through his arm.

This isn’t the first time Ethan has lost a limb. Those that have played Resident Evil 7 will recall Mia taking the opposite hand off with a chainsaw. Well, just like last time, Ethan will grab his detached hand and put it in his pocket. Unfortunately, Lady D takes off his shooting hand, so players have to outwit her instead of blasting her. This section isn’t too tough since there are plenty of obstacles to put in between Dimitrescu and Ethan.

Once players escape from the Dungeon, they’ll find themselves on a lift. This gives Ethan a chance to catch his breath and take care of his arm. In an homage to the scene in RE7 where Papa Baker shovels his leg off, Ethan just pours First Aid Med all over this wound and slaps his arm on it, which instantly heals it. Of course, Lady D isn’t as kind-hearted as Jack, so Ethan has to use his own First Aid Med, but he must pull it from an emergency supply since it doesn’t lower the player’s stock.

So, to reattach Ethan’s arm in Resident Evil Village, players just need to keep pushing ahead. Once they make it past Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan will handle the rest.