Box art - Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village: Are there missable items?

Fans of the series will be watching for missable items in Resident Evil Village. The franchise is notorious for locking off areas with little warning, which can cause players to leave behind valuable items and ammo. Village is a bit more open than previous Resident Evil games, but players can’t access several areas again once they’re left.

Warning: Major spoilers below.

What are the missable items in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Missables Map

There are a great many missable items in Resident Evil Village. This is because four major areas are locked off after players progress past a certain point in the plot. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give any warning when this is going to happen, so it’s possible to leave treasure, ammo, weapons, and files behind and not be able to collect them for the rest of a playthrough.

The five areas that contain missable items, and when they become inaccessible, are below:

  • Castle Dimitrescu: This area becomes inaccessible after placing the four angel masks and examining the coffin in the chapel.
  • House Beneviento: This house (and the grounds around it) becomes blocked off after exiting the front door and using the elevator to descend back to the path toward the village. (The elevator no longer works.)
  • Moreau’s Reservoir: After defeating Moreau and taking the elevator back up to the windmill, it no longer works. This prevents players from descending back down to the reservoir.
  • The Village: Entering the factory will prevent Ethan from returning to the village.
  • Heisenberg’s Factory: Players can no longer return to the rest of the factory after defeating Sturm and using the lift to escape.

Additionally, pretty much all of Chris’s scenario is fraught with missables. In particular, players will want to examine Miranda’s Lab thoroughly if they’re trying to get all the trophies/achievements as there are several files in there.