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Resident Evil Village: Can you buy back items and weapons from Duke?

It’s possible to sell pretty much anything to the merchant Duke in the latest game in the Resident Evil series, including valuable or potentially useful items, so it would be useful to have a Resident Evil Village buy back option in case of mistakes. Some incredibly important items can be sold to Duke, including weapons, valuable meat, and treasures, but can items and weapons be bought back from Duke’s store?

Is there a Resident Evil Village buy back option in Duke’s store?

Resident Evil Village buy back

Any weapon sold to Duke during a Resident Evil Village playthrough can be immediately repurchased. This includes any weapon mods that may have been attached to the gun at the time. There isn’t a specific buy back page in Duke’s store, instead simply head to the main Supplies page and all the weapons the player has sold to Duke will be right there. Seeing as this is the main way to get rid of weapons in the game if they are taking up valuable inventory space, this buy back ability is extremely welcome.

However, weapons are the only items that have a buy back option. Any other treasures or useful items when sold cannot be bought back. This includes the biggest danger: meat. Animals in the game, such as chickens, pigs, and fish, can be killed for their meat. The game clearly tells the player to give them to Duke, however it’s possible to start collecting and selling meat long before the option to cook it becomes available to players.

Worse still, there are some rare animals in the game that give unique meats that can be cooked to greatly enhance health, movement, or blocking ability, but if sold these unique quality meats cannot be bought back. Do not sell any meat, fish, or poultry in RE8 as they become useful later, and be absolutely sure before selling anything other than weapons.

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