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Resident Evil Village Remove Weapon: How to drop guns

While the latest Resident Evil game isn’t a full first-person shooter there are still plenty of guns in the game, which is why a Resident Evil Village remove weapon option would be so handy. Guns take up valuable inventory space but unlike pretty much everything else in the game they cannot be dropped. So how can weapons be dropped or got rid of in Resident Evil Village? Here’s what to do.

How to get rid of weapons in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village remove weapon

To get rid of weapons in Resident Evil Village, players must sell them to The Duke.

They cannot be dropped or otherwise removed, but go into Duke Emporium and the “Duke’s Purse” option to sell any unwanted items and any useless weapons or items can be sold to Duke for the in-game currency Lei.

Why would anyone want to sell weapons in Resident Evil Village with all the many deadly enemies and boss encounters in the game? For starters, there is no storage box like there is in other Resident Evil games, so any useless items just take up valuable inventory space. Most importantly, the Samurai Edge weapon that’s available as a Deluxe Edition bonus is useful at the start, but cannot be upgraded so becomes useless very quickly. Simply head to Duke and sell that weapon for a high price, and it will no longer be hanging around in the inventory wasting space.

There are plenty of other items in Resident Evil 8 that are good to sell to, especially the Crystal Skulls, which are valuable treasure items. Furthermore, if the game’s weapon charms are too distracting head here to find out how to easily turn them off.

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