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How to fix Fortnite can’t craft Primal Fire Bows and Mechanical Bows

The recent addition of a Fortnite crafting system has given the game new life. Unfortunately, it also comes with new bugs and glitches. Most recently, players have found themselves unable to make a bow via the in-game crafting tools. There is a quick and easy Fortnite can’t craft Primal Fire Bows and Mechanical Bows fix, though.

Fortnite can’t craft Primal Fire Bow and Mechanical Bow fix

Fortnite can't craft Primal Fire Bows Mechanical Bow

Users that can’t craft Primal Fire Bows and Mechanical Bows in Fortnite’s Core modes must reboot the game to fix the glitch.

If playing in a Competitive playlist, then this is not a bug. Epic Games has disabled Primal Fire Bows in all Fortnite Competitive modes, due to balance concerns with the weapon. Many players believe that the Fortnite Primal Fire Bow is OP.

As for a Competitive mode “solution” to the issue, unfortunately, users can only wait and hope that Epic eventually reinstates Primal Fire Bows in Fortnite Competitive playlists. They’re at least still craftable and usable in Core modes until then — providing that the application has recently been reset, of course.

The Fortnite Primal Fire Bow Competitive ban applies to all versions of Fortnite. Just for reference, that’s: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS.

Stick with GameRevolution for updates on the future of bow crafting in Fortnite.

Been having trouble with Fortnite technical issues recently? Some users have started encountering long load times, seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, Epic Games is aware of the issue and currently working to implement a fix.

PC players are even finding themselves unable to close the game at times. That’s an especially nasty issue to coincide with the bow crafting problem, considering that rebooting is the only solution. Should the worst happen, here’s how to fix the annoying problem.

With all of those issues fixed, why not get to work on unlocking the Harley Quinn Rebirth skin?