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Resident Evil Village Crumbling Wall: How to break open cracked walls

Players will run into several crumbling walls in Resident Evil Village. The first one is in the puzzle room in Castle Dimitrescu, which must be busted to claim the treasure. However, there are several cracked walls in the game which are easily overlooked. Fortunately, players can use the same method for breaking open all the crumbling walls in Resident Evil Village.

How to break the cracked walls in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Crumbling Wall Explosion

The first time players encounter a cracked wall in Resident Evil Village will be in the Castle Dimitrescu treasure room. Here, a torch is partially obscured by a crumbling wall. It’s evident that players can break this cracked wall in some way. It’s even marked on the map. However, the player is left to their own devices to figure out how to do so.

This situation might confuse even long-time Resident Evil fans. After all, most puzzles in these games work on a one item, one-use basis. So, players might think they need to go find C4 and a detonator or something. However, that’s not the case. In fact, the solution is incredibly simple.

To blow up the crumbling wall in Resident Evil Village, any explosive will do. When entering the room in Castle Dimitrescu, there is a Pipe Bomb on one of the shelves that’ll do the job nicely. Alternatively, players can place a mine near the wall, then back away and shoot it to break through.

Strangely, no amount of gunfire will work. Despite the wall appearing like it would disintegrate at the slightest touch, only explosives will do the trick here.

The same rules apply to other crumbling walls found throughout the game. They’re relatively rare but usually bar the way to some great items. So, players should always be on the lookout for them (the one in Heisenberg’s Factory is particularly hard to spot).